Learnable Programming

The ideas presented by Bret Victor in LearnableProgramming would not only help newcomers learn to program but would make programming significantly less error prone and more enjoyable to experienced programmers.

Now the main challenge is to actually build such a system.


One thought on “Learnable Programming

  1. But, who could, would, and should build it?

    Apple and Google could.
    Google would.
    Apple should.

    Microsoft couldn’t pull off something this elegant. Their version would be a shoddy ripoff because they can’t attract decent employees anymore (because of Steve Ballmer.)

    Apple won’t because their focus is really on hardware for the time being, and they don’t _need_ a boost to their developer ecosystem.

    Google could and would, but if they did, they will most likely make it proprietary to their platform to attract developers to their ecosystem.

    The very best solution would be an open-source effort, but as we both know.. the effort involved is huge, and it would most likely run on Java to take advantage of the huge amount of java developers. Writing this in Java would be a terrible decision.

    Ultimately, I think it’s got to be a company with a huge amount of cash, and Apple seems to be the only company whose culture is conducive to successfully tackling the enormously complicated job of simplifying this system until it’s truly usable.

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