Sylvia Browne is a Terrible Person

Sylvia Browne is a terrible person. Not for this one mistake but for a career built on taking advantage of people in their most desperate hours.

“We call them ‘grief vampires’,” he told HuffPost. “But every single time, the psychics fail to find the person.”

Can’t think of a better term than “grief vampires”. Sums up what they do nicely.

“They need to say, ‘this is my impression’ or ‘this is my truth,'” Weiler told HuffPost. “Something like ‘this is what I feel’ is OK …”

“my truth” WTF is that? There is your opinion and my opinion, your beliefs and my beliefs but, there is only one truth i.e. what actually exists and is. All other “truths” are false. Including the capitalized one.


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