ReadyNAS Duo and NV+, v1 or v2

Like most computer companies, Netgear has decided to make finding the version number of their ReadyNAS devices a fun guessing game rather than just printing it on the case. If you need to upgrade the firmware on your ReadyNAS you will find the below blog post extremely helpful.

How to tell whether I have a Duo v1 or Duo v2 or NV+ v1 or NV+ v2 — Unofficial ReadyNAS Guides

More NAS Options

Here’s the followup to my previous NAS post. This covers the most promising NAS brands of which I am aware for home or small business use.

Software (build your own) NAS

Hardware NAS

  • Synology – Huge fan of the DS712+ since it lets you start small with a 2 HD RAID and then expand it to 7 HD via a DX510.
  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS – They aren’t beautiful but they are solidly built and the ReadyNAS NV+ is one hell of a bargain for a 4 HD data backup/archival solution where high IO performance isn’t super important.
  • Drobo – The consumer models are like a Mac. They do one thing and do it very well but, you are out of luck if you want to customize/hack them like crazy. The Drobo Mini looks pretty sweet though.
  • QNAP – Haven’t tried these but they seem to compare favorably to the Synology NASs.