Lion’s Whole-Disk Encryption

Lion’s Whole-Disk Encryption talks about how to make other disks (besides startup) encrypted in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.


Showing Hidden Files in TextMate 2

If you want/need to be able to see hidden dotfiles “.*” in the sidebar you can add the following to your .tm_properties file:

includeFiles = "{*,.*}"
includeDirectories = "{*,.*}"

More .tm_properties settings and an example file.

Where art thou SSB?

It looks like Single Site Browsers (SSBs) are dying out, at least on FireFox.

If you are non familiar with SSBs Fluid is the obvious choice on Mac OS X. SSBs are helpful since they give you a whole separate site (or task) focused process running just one (or several related websites). This is good because:

  • Command-tabbing to apps is possible.
  • The main web browser can be restarted independent of one particular site e.g. Grooveshark or Pandora can keep playing your music while Firefox restarts.
  • Separate cookie store to keep you logged in and prevent other sites from peeking at cookie they don’t own.

Unfortunately there are fewer SSBs today than a few years ago. The Mozilla (Firefox) based SSB Prism was handed over to Salsita Software and became WebRunner which was subsequently discontinued. A similar project, Chromeless, was started within Mozilla but also discontinued.

This leaves anyone looking for a Firefox SSB to try hacks or used SSBs based on other browsers.

ReadyNAS Duo and NV+, v1 or v2

Like most computer companies, Netgear has decided to make finding the version number of their ReadyNAS devices a fun guessing game rather than just printing it on the case. If you need to upgrade the firmware on your ReadyNAS you will find the below blog post extremely helpful.

How to tell whether I have a Duo v1 or Duo v2 or NV+ v1 or NV+ v2 — Unofficial ReadyNAS Guides